Arunachala Volunteer Community

The journey of this other world has a path of consciousness of all five tatvas (elements). It is up to you what path you choose for this human journey of your soul. The possibilities are endless: it could be through the exchange of energy with the Earth by farming or with the air by leaving the signs of music in your surroundings. Choose your path…

We are currently seeking volunteers to fill the following roles:

Music Teacher / Yoga Teacher / Sound Healer / Documentation (Audio & Video)

Fund Raising / Farmer / Reforestation / Work with local children / Musician

We are looking for someone to partner with us to create a living community
on this land, centered around a sound temple. Our aim is to draw together 
like-minded people to build a lifestyle of meditation, yoga and sound 
healing in the energy field of the mountain.

Minimum duration of stay: 2 months

Accommodation: Volunteers are housed on-site in our community village.

Daily Tasks:

How to apply: If you are interested in this project and passionate about our mission, please send a motivational letter to arunachalasoundtemple@gmail.com with details about yourself and why you believe you would be a suitable candidate for this partnership. Please consider the following questions when writing your application letter:

  1. How do your passions align with those of the Sound Temple’s and Mohanam’s greater mission? In other words, what draws you to the Sound Temple?
  2. How will you contribute to creating a community of spiritual thinkers and healers? Please speak to your past experience in your area of expertise and your future goals.
  3. How can you bring the vision of the Sound Temple to life outside of Tiruvannamalai?

Volunteer Signup form

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