Arunachala Spirit Festival

Arunachala Living Sound Space invites you to our inaugural event, the Arunachala Spirit Festival from 11 to 14 February 2022.

This three-day festival, coinciding with World Sound Healing Day, willencourage you to open your heart and explore your body as you nourish yoursoul and let your spirit come alive.

In keeping with the global call to integrative health, we have been following the worldwide trend in establishing this sound healing hub that brings people together to share, heal, grow, and learn so they can leave feeling restored, rejuvenated, uplifted and ready to create ripples in the world we live in.

Attend this experimental public event at our experiential sound temple, overlooked by Shiva’s sacred mountain, where you will be invited to flow through the three days with guided dance, yoga, meditation, sound healing, mental and spiritual healing, singing and mantra.

Our soulful Living Sound Space — Arunachala Sound Temple — will give participants an opportunity to indulge their senses in all this spiritual landscape has to offer, whilst connecting with the sacred mountain energy from a rural setting, surrounded by the views of mountains, hills and fields of flowers.

Whilst thousands of people visit the town to see the temple, visit the ashram, climb to Virupaksha Cave where Sri Ramana Maharishi meditated for years, or simply observe the throngs of pilgrims who gravitate here daily, few get the opportunity to explore the surrounding countryside.

Our intention is to build Arunachala Spirit Festival into an annual event that will put Tiruvannamalai on the global festival map for practitioners and tourists from India and abroad who are either already immersed in spiritual healing practices or who are interested in beginning their journey to their soul centre.

Whether you attend as a partner, a student, a teacher, a therapist or a soul pilgrim on this journey back to you, let us collaborate under the watchful eye of Mount Arunachala for a festival of healing, wisdom and education as you gather and connect with like-minded people. As you pilgrimage to the centre of your self, you will consciously deepen your insight about your internal and external environment and learn to integrate your entire being: mind, body and soul. As we join hands in peace and harmony around Shiva’s sacred mountain, we can become the change we want to see in the world — mind, body and soul — at this festival of healing, wisdom and education.

We would like to extend an invitation to healers, teachers, therapists and practitioners, locally and from abroad, who would like to attend this inaugural Arunachala Spirit Festival. This is a perfect opportunity to collaborate in the creation of the future by offering to share your experience, healing, expertise, knowledge, wisdom and spiritual practices at this event. As partners in the Arunachala Spirit Festival you will join hands and connect with like-minded people from around the world; you will make a difference to not only your own life but to the lives of the many who will attend this and future spirit festivals at our Living Sound Space.

Please unite with us on this journey because it is in unity that there is harmony and it is only together that we can make a difference. If you would like to offer workshops, classes, guided practice or one-on-one therapies in dance, yoga, meditation, sound healing, mental and spiritual healing, singing and mantra, please contact us at: 83759 10234

We look forward to hearing from you, answering your questions, providing guidance on this festival and, most importantly, working with you to make this inaugural Arunachala Spirit Festival a great success.