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Bala Sundharam

Bala Sundharam is a long-standing Aurovillian and social entrepreneur whose passions revolve around cultural heritage and preservation with a focus on the arts. Balu’s dedication to social justice, especially in the areas of community and youth development, is evident in his creation of the Mohanam Cultural Center, which he founded in 2001 along with the help of his childhood friends. Mohanam began as an idea to create a space for young kids to meet and spend their time in a productive manner and has now evolved into a flourishing foundation centered on preserving and sharing the rich cultural history of the various peoples that make up Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry.

Balu and his team have inspired and developed the talents of hundreds of children through cultural music and dance practice. It is because of his extensive experience that he is now able to take this journey to the next level and share his many After many years of serving his local community in this way, Balu is now ready to take this journey to the next level and share his expertise and vision with travelers, scholars, wisdom seekers, and spiritual researchers alike.  This dream will be achieved in collaboration with his energetic and talented team of musicians and sound healers, as well as with the support and input of sound healers from around the world who would like to be a part of this incredible new journey in the heart of spiritual Tamil Nadu.

We have seen in India many villages selling out to tourism in a way that leans more to Western ideals than to a preservation and promotion of traditions. We are looking at ways to bring awareness and to reconnect people to their soul, with nature and to their own spirituality. And we believe that this piece of land in Tiruvannamalai is the ideal place.


Arunachala Sound Temple serves as the bridge between the sacred land of Tiruvannamalai and the universal town of Auroville. Located two hours southesast of Tiruvannamalai, Auroville is a diverse community inspired by the visions of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. With close to 3,000 inhabitants, it aims to be a harmonious community premised on unity and human progress. As a local village person by birth and an Aurovillian by choice, Balu stands in a unique position as the link between a new world and the ancient rituals of the old world. Balu and his team of worldwide healers are able to bring the inner teachings of Auroville to the outside world through the Arunachala Sound Temple where the healing vibrations of tradition, history, and unity combine.