“Listen to the sound, the real sound that is within you.”
- Kabir, mystic poet and saint of India

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Beneath the gaze of Shiva’s sacred Mount Arunachala, 12km from the Sri Ramanasramam Ashramlies a sacred 2.5-acre piece of land, set in a rural community, surrounded by flower fields.

Out of this land we are creating a living community, centred on a sound temple, drawing together like-minded people to build a lifestyle of meditation, yoga and sound healing in the energy field of the mountain.


Our vision is to establish the first sound temple as a centre where scholars, wisdom seekers and spiritual researchers can come for yoga, meditation and the spiritual and healing qualities of sound. Ultimately this project will evolve into a model village project that can be applied to other villages with similar characteristics and potential.


To create an environment of peaceful living, removed from the hustle and bustle of city life; a haven where people can escape to find peace, balance and vitality through sound experiences and ritual.There will be spaces for anyone to stay, explore, study and exchange knowledge and experiences in relation to the spiritual.


We will be open to individuals seeking a sound healing experience but our focus will be on groups to come and share the space together and journey through sound as a collective. Locals and international groups can come here to teach and learn and our programs will accommodate all those with a desire to participate in a growing phenomenon.

India is a spiritual country that has many sacred towns and cities. The aim is to not look elsewhere for techniques but to draw on our own wisdom and experience from centuries back. We choose to begin in Tiruvannamalai with the intention of this being our pilot project; the ultimate goal is to have Living Sound Centres in our most sacred and historic temple towns so that visitors can tour India on a sound journey and immerse themselves in the best that India has to offer.


  • We believe in social and community spirit.
  • We believe in the soul’s journey
  • We believe in integral health
  • We believe in creativity and inspiration
  • We believe in the need to connect to natureWe believe in people’s inherent capacity to heal
  • We believe in the development of human capabilities
  • We believe in the preservation of cultural heritage and practices
  • We believe in sound, music, movement and meditation

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